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Name:30 Days of Id
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There are those stories, you know the ones. The ones where you think, "I can't write that. It's purely self-indulgent. No one wants to read that Supernatural/Glee/Tremors the Series Crossover."

And so we don't write it. Even on those occasions when we really, really should.

Hence this community. The month of June has been deemed shameless self-indulgent Id month. The challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to write/post a fic a day of self-indulgent id fic during the month of June with the aim of producing 30 works overall*. But the challenge is not just open to fic fic - it's open to art, manips, vids, or whatever fannish (or original) creation happens to be your poison of choice. And you don't even have to post every single day - indulge the id to the extent you wish.

The rules can be found here and the posting guidelines here. And, just for extra crunchy goodness, you can find the AO3 collection here.

Free the id!

* an idea we may, possibly, have stolen from [community profile] mmom

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